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Development Lotteries Board celebrates New Year with many entertaining events

Development Lotteries Board celebrates New Year with many entertaining events


The Sinhala and Hindu New Year festival organized by DLB for the entertainment of the staff of DLB and their families was held at grand level at the premises of DLB on 21st April.

This festival, which has been organized presenting different events for the pleasure of the staff and their family members, held number of joyful events with the participation of all who gathered there. Separate events were held for children as well as adults with the applause of happy crowed. Valuable cash prizes were presented for the winners. The day was celebrated with the new year games such as   Eating Buns, Placing the eye on the elephant, Tug-o-War, blasting balloons, New Year Prince and Princes (For children), weaving cajoles, singing of folk songs, drinking from tit, putting the thread into needle, balancing lemon on the spoon etc. Singing and the music made the festival more colorful and the presenters of lottery draws of DLB also participated in the event adding more pleasure. Mr. H.R.Wimalasiri, Working Director of DLB, Mr. Anura Jayaratna, Acting General Manager and the officers have also shared their pleasure with the staff and their families staying with them from the morning.

The New Year Festival-2018 of DLB came to end successfully presenting staff and their families an enchanting day, which was full of memorable experiences. DLB 

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