Development Lotteries Board

Organization structure & Management Profiles

Board of Directors

Mr.W.A. Sarath Kumara
Secretary to the President Fund / Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization & National Policies
Director, External Resources Department
Mr. A.M.P.M.B. Atapattu
Secretary- Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Food Security
Mrs Janet Jayawardena
Attorney at Law

Team of Management

Mr W K A A Jayarathne
General Manager
Miss Vijitha Somarathna
Deputy General Manager (Finance)
Mr Chanaka Dodangodage
Deputy General Manager (Marketing)
Mr Kasun Jayasooriya
Assistant General Manager (Finance)
Mr M.Nishan Priyantha Perera
Assistant General Manager (Finance)
Dr. Asankhaa S. Gunasinghe
Assistant General Manager (Marketing)
Mr. Wasantha Senadeera
Internal Auditor
Mr.Prasad Ranasingha
Assistant General Manager (HR & Admin)
Mr. P.D.U.Malintha
Assistant General Manager (Procurement)
Mr. C.C.Ailapperuma
Assistant General Manager (Sales) Acting