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Were you one of those three hundred thousand students, who pursued the goal with the help of Mahapola scholarship?

Are you aware of the financial provider, who makes every effort to lend hand to the students of the country extending Mahapola Scholarship, which once brought you under its shelter?

Most probably you may have no idea.

It is the human nature that we normally forget easily the giant trees, which gives us cover from burning sun in the summer. In the same way man, who followed their education receiving “Mahapola scholarship&r

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46 winners along with 3 super winners receive their prizes from DLB

DLB witnessed the awarding of cheques to 49 winners of lottery draws on 20.08.2019, who believed in their luck with the lotteries of DLB.

At this event 3 super winners of Lagna Wasana lottery, who became winners  within a month were awarded their cheques.

Accordingly MR. S. Ananda at Puwakpitiya, the winner of the super jackpot of Rs. 3,

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DLB conducts five days training workshope for the its presenters

DLB has made arrangements to conduct five days training workshop for the benefit of the presenters of lottery draw programmes.

Main objective of this workshop is to enhance further the skills in presentation and anno

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DLB presents one pound gold coins to its staff, who complete twenty years service

DLB presented one pound gold coins to its staff at the auditorium on 28.08.2019 , who complete the service of twenty years under its roof, in appreciation of their commendable service.

Those gold coins were prese

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Meeting of the Sales Agents of the Development Lotteries Board of Northern Province and distribution of sales outlets comes to the end under the patronage of Hon. Minister of Finance.

‘Abhimani’,which is the first programme in 2019 of the series of such programmes due to be conducted all over the Island to appreciate by DLB in order to appreciate the services of its Sales Agents , has been successfully conducted along with the distribution of sales outlets on 08.09.2019 with the participation of Hon. Mangala Samaraweera, Minister of Finance at Jaffna city.

Accordingly the progress of the sales of Sales A

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“DLB Sathkara” Medical Camp at Kandy district comes to the end successfully

The 5th medical camp of the series of “DLB Sathkara” medical camps organized by DLB free of charge for the benefit of Sales Agents and Sales Assistants was held on 13.09.2019 at Kandy District.

This camp provided medicine free of charge conducting various medical tests with a view to ensure a healthy life to the Sales Agents and Sales Assistants, who toil unde

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Forty Five lucky winners along with super winners of Ada Kotipathi and Lagna Wasana receive their prizes from DLB

Cheques were awarded to Mr. S.G.Hemathilaka from Orubendisiyambawa, who won the super jackpot of Rs. 88,542,040 of 728th draw of Ada Kotipathi lottery and six other super winners of Lagna Wasana lottery in August at Development Lotteries Board on 18.09.2019.

In addition to the above winners, 31 winners , who won cash prizes of one million , were also awarded their cheques.

In the meantime Mr. L.A.Lahiru Ravishan , who won the V

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Fourth medical camp for the benefit of Sales Agents and Sales Assistants of Kurunegala District.

Fourth medical camp of the series of such camps organized by DLB for the provision of medical facilities free of charge to Sales Agents and Sales Assistants was held successfully in Kurunegala district on 25. 08.2019.

Medical tests and consultation services along with medicine and spectacles were also provided at this medical camp for  Sales Assistants and Sales Agents, who

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Pioneers of our institution, who bring dawn to your life

Can you imagine the place held today  by a former Bulath Vita vendor ,who roamed all over the area as a seven year old kid? This is the story of a unsung hero who achieved success with the assistance of DLB challenging the fate. We are proud to introduce this hero to the society as a model character.

The kid, who sold Bulath Vita at the age in which all the kids star their education, is now an elder person of 72 years of age. He d

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Our forerunners, who bring you a bright future

Life cannot be confined in a certain borderline, there should be space to explore the meaning of life.Even though the majority tends to make selections based on the facts such as gender, education, anyone can make a turn in his life, which opens such person more successful ways than in the public service. In this way he/she may be able to earn more than the monthly salary of a common employment.

Mrs. Jayawardana, Distributor of Kandy

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