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Cash prizes for the winner of the super jackpot of Lagna Wasana and 21 other winners.

Cash prizes for the winner of the super jackpot of Lagna Wasana and 21 other winners.


DLB, which opens path for you to try luck with your own zodiac sign, could present another winner, who won super jackpot trying with his zodiac sign. 

Mr. U.W.N.T.Bandara from Nawalapiyiya could win the super jackpot of Rs. 59, 32,368 from the 2284th draw of Lagna wasana purchasing a ticket with his own zodiac sign.

Whilst expressing his views after obtaining the cheque, Mr.Bandara, a conductor by profession, said that he never forgets to buy a lottery at every bus stand where his bus stops. “I bought the first lottery 12 years before” -The happy winner, who is still in his springtime, says. He says that he was with the firm belief that one day a lottery would change his world making his dreams a reality. Obtaining his cheque he said that he always won at least hundred Rupees from most of the tickets he bought. So he was with the belief that one day he would be a winner of a super jackpot.

Mr. Bandara is looking forward now after making his dream with a super jackpot. The winning ticket was sold to him by Mrs. T.U.Hettiarachchi, a sales agent of Nawalapitiya area.

The event for awarding the cheque of the super jackpot to Mr. Bandara took place at the premises of DLB under the patronage of Mr. S.A.P.Suriyapperuma and with the participation of Mr. S.R.Wimalasiri, Working Director of DLB. The day witnessed the awarding of cash prizes to another 21 millionaires.






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