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Prizes to 8th Millioner presented by Development Lotteries Board

Prizes to 8th Millioner presented by Development Lotteries Board


The cheque was presented recently to the 8th luck winner of Ada Kotipathi lottery, which could present highest number of millionaires within a short period.

The cheque was awarded to Mr. Priyankara ,in Jaela who won the super jackpot of Rs. 8,22,00,625 of 310th draw of Ada Kotipathi on 23rd July at the auditorium of the Development Lotteries Board under the patronage of Mr. S.A.P.Suriyapperuma and with the participation of Mr. H.R.Wimalasiri, Working Director of DLB. In the meantime Mrs. H.A.I.Shriyani, who sold the winning ticket as sales agent of Mahabage, was also awarded a prize.

Further another 20 winners of the jackpot of one million each were awarded their cheques and the winner of the Scooty Motorcycle at the special draw of Niyatha Jaya was also awarded the motorcycle at the same event.

Management of the DLB took this opportunity to invite its customers to buy more tickets from DLB , which brings new hope at the doorstep every morning.

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