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Special draw of Shanida Wasana on 23rd Feburary

Special draw of Shanida Wasana on 23rd Feburary


DLB has decided to make more opportunities for you to try your luck with Shanida Wasana, which has won your credibility in the field. Accordingly arrangements have been made to hold a special draw on 23rd   of February.

The special lottery of Shanida Wasana is due to be issued to market on 01st of February.

This special draw opens you an opportunity to win the super jackpot of over Rs. 30 million and following prizes in addition to other prizes.

Buy your ticket from DLB and try your luck.

A house from Soft Heart Foundation to the family of Sales Assistant at Moratuwa
DLB presents prizes to 39 winners including the 12th super winner of Ada Kotipathi
New Sales outlets to District Sales Agents

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