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Our forerunners, who bring you a bright future


Our forerunners, who bring you a bright future

Life cannot be confined in a certain borderline, there should be space to explore the meaning of life.Even though the majority tends to make selections based on the facts such as gender, education, anyone can make a turn in his life, which opens such person more successful ways than in the public service. In this way he/she may be able to earn more than the monthly salary of a common employment.

Mrs. Jayawardana, Distributor of Kandy, has now become the entrepreneur, recording the highest sale of DLB lotteries and proving that a lady has also the capacity to be successful in the lottery industry. Mr. Amila Diyunuge, who entered the field as a holder of a Special Degree in Accountancy, has marked his name in the industry earning an income which is higher than the salary of his colleagues. First we pay attention to the story of Mrs. Jayawardana.

25 years in lottery industry

She states with pleasure that they have entered the field 25 years ago in the capacity of a Sales Agent and at the beginning her beloved husband run the business.

Gender is not a barrier, a lady can be a successful entrepreneur.

She affirms that any lady can be a prominent person in the business field despite the fact that she is a mother or housewife, if she is determined.

My expectation is to record the highest sale in future

She concluded her views stating that she has the dream to mark the highest sale stepping forward in the field applying the experience of her past 8 years. 

Then we turned to Mr. Amila Diyunuge, Sales Agent,Galle.

I am a holder of a special degree in Accountancy

Mr. Amila is a determined person who selected lottery industry as his future path after obtaining his first degree in accountancy with a class from University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

We are confined to a monthly salary if we select an employment in public or private sector.

Mr. Amila has served three years in private sector and decided to leave it as he felt that he has to be confined within a fixed salary. Then he entered the lottery industry and now earn an income, which is higher than the salary of an executive officer.

I had an aim to transform this industry to an attractive field.

He had a respect for this industry since the childhood, where his father occupied and he could complete his higher education with the support of Mahapola Scholarship.  Therefore he had an aim to transform this industry to an attractive field and today he proudly says that he could achieve his goal.

We are the first, who issue printed results of lottery draws.

Mr. Amila says that he took action to issue lottery results in printed media as the official results are highly significant. ‘I applied modern technology in my business enhancing the quality of our service delivery.’ He says.

No, this is not merely a self-employment

Mr. Amila invites others to understand the value of this industry considering it as an industry, business rather than self-employment.  Any person who has a wide vision can transform this industry as more fruitful source for the development. Amila says that he has broken the traditional attitudes by way of entering the field as a graduate. Therefore he has challenged the persons who undervalue this industry. He concluded this conversation inviting young generation to enter the field following his example.

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