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Valampuri, a special lottery in from Polruppawa to Thalruppawa


Valampuri, a special lottery in from Polruppawa to Thalruppawa

With a view to bring the luck to the door step of the customers of Development Lotteries Board living in Northern and Eastern provinces, DLB has taken measures to introduce a special lottery in the name of Valampuri.

We, the messenger of good luck to four corners of the country, launched this special lottery ticket to the market on 06.09.2022 at the premises of DLB under the patronage of Mr. Ajith Gunarathna Naragala, Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer. 

This special Valampuri lottery, called as Wasanawe Jayasankhaya,  (Conch of good luck) opens way for the customers to try their luck  up to a cash prize of Rs. 2 million. In the meantime, Rs. 2 million can be won matching the lagna (Zodiac Sign) with 03 numbers and Rs. one hundred thousand matching only 03 numbers. Further opportunity is given also to win cash prices of Rs. 500 matching 02 numbers and a large number of cash prizes of Rs. 50 matching either the Lagna or any one number.

The special draw of Valampuri lottery , which is to be held on 28 of coming October, invites the customers of DLB in North and East provinces to be the lucky winners of a large prize schedule.

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